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Meeting Name: Select Budget Committee Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 10/29/2015 9:30 AM  
Meeting location: Council Chamber, City Hall 600 Fourth Avenue Seattle, WA 98104
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes:  
Agenda packet:
Meeting video:  
Record NoVer.Agenda #Name:TypeTitleActionResultAction DetailsSeattle Channel
GS 6-1-A-1-2015 11. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $90,000 from GSF to DoIT for 3 technical internship positionsheard in Committee  Action details
GS 7-1-A-2-2015 12. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $340,033 GSF to the Privacy Program in DoIT to fund 0.5 FTE SA2 and the Demographic Data Task Forceheard in Committee  Action details
GS 8-1-A-1-2015 13. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118529 creating the new Seattle IT department and establishing the role of the new department and the Chief Technology Officerheard in Committee  Action details
GS 8-1-B-1-2015 14. Council Budget Action (CBA)Amend CB 118529, creating the Seattle IT department, to delay implementation until 2017 and pass as amended, and cut appropriations in DoIT by $1.3 million accordingly.heard in Committee  Action details
GS 45-2-A-1-2015 15. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $250,000 appropriation to DoIT, funded by the Cable Television Franchise Subfund, to develop a Public Wi-Fi Access Strategyheard in Committee  Action details
GS 144-1-A-1-2015 16. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $5,000,000 GSF appropriations to Finance General Reserves for a Municipal Broadband Pilot Projectheard in Committee  Action details
GS 45-1-A-1-2015 17. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $340,000 Cable Franchise Fees and Reduce $140,000 GSF for Seattle Public Library WiFi Hot Spotsheard in Committee  Action details
GS 34-1-A-1-2015 18. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $600,000 GSF to OCR for Zero Detention projects and impose a budget provisoheard in Committee  Action details
GS 35-1-A-1-2015 19. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $136,000 GSF to OCR to fund 1.0 FTE Strategic Advisor 2 position for criminal justice equity workheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 36-1-A-1-2015 110. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Dedicated Funding Source for Local Labor Lawsheard in Committee  Action details
GS 37-1-A-1-2015 111. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $50,000 GSF in 2016 to OCR to build the capacity of communities of color working together to provide expertise to implement equitable development policiesheard in Committee  Action details
GS 38-1-A-1-2015 112. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $50,000 GSF in 2016 to OCR for employment bias testing.heard in Committee  Action details
GS 3-1-A-1-2015 113. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118541 authorizing City Light to issue up to $280 million in utility revenue bonds in 2016 to support its capital improvement programheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 4-1-A-1-2015 114. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that City Light propose changes to its financial policies to align them better with the financial risks it facesheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 5-1-A-1-2015 115. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that City Light propose actions the City should take in 2016 to support an aggressive program of transportation fleet electrificationheard in Committee  Action details
GS 85-1-A-1-2015 116. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $69,000 GSF for human service Advocacy Contracts in OIRheard in Committee  Action details
GS 86-1-A-1-2015 117. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $10,500 GSF to OIR for Sister City Organizationsheard in Committee  Action details
GS 40-1-A-1-2015 118. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $25,000 from GSF to OCR for support of a Citywide Gender Pay Equity Initiativeheard in Committee  Action details
GS 41-1-A-1-2015 119. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $10,000 to Legislative Department to begin study of a universal parental and family leave insurance programheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 42-1-A-1-2015 120. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Requesting the Executive study an Infant at Work Pilot Programheard in Committee  Action details
GS 43-1-A-1-2015 121. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $300,000 GSF to FAS for Priority Hire Pre-Apprenticeship Supportheard in Committee  Action details
GS 71-1-A-1-2015 122. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118535 creating the 2017 Multipurpose LTGO Fund and authorizing a $1.5 million loan to the Fund from the Consolidated Cash Poolheard in Committee  Action details
GS 72-1-A-1-2015 123. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118536 extending the repayment date for an interfund loan for the Joint Training Facility and recognizing a $9.6 million reduction in the loan amountheard in Committee  Action details
GS 73-1-A-1-2015 124. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118539 increasing certain pet licenses fees at the Seattle Animal Shelter by approximately 9.5%heard in Committee  Action details
GS 74-1-A-1-2015 125. Council Budget Action (CBA)Increase FAS appropriations by $2.1 million to acquire IT systems and add three FTEs to support regulation of the for-hire industryheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 75-1-A-1-2015 126. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Requesting that FAS develop a scope of work for the valuation of Seattle’s natural capital and how to incorporate that valuation into City reporting and planningheard in Committee  Action details
GS 76-1-A-1-2015 127. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add a Civic Center Childcare Center project to the proposed 2016-2021 FAS CIP; appropriate $115,000 GSF and $500,000 HSF in 2016; program$1,000,000 HSF for 2017heard in Committee  Action details
SLI 76-2-A-1-2015 128. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Requesting the Executive identify policy direction, steps forward and sources of funding for a viable, privately operated childcare facility on the City's downtown Civic Center campusheard in Committee  Action details
GS 78-1-A-1-2015 129. Council Budget Action (CBA)Amend CB 118512 and pass as amended, to transfer the former Dumar and Dakota Substations from City Light to FAS and add $750,000 in appropriations from FAS fund balance to purchase themheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 79-1-A-1-2015 130. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Requesting FAS report on the progress and status of the Summit Reimplementation projectheard in Committee  Action details
GS 119-1-A-1-2015 131. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $117,000 GSF and $165,000 0ther funds in FAS in 2016 to install an updated assistive listening system in the Bertha Knight Landes (BKL) and Boards and Commissions rooms.heard in Committee  Action details
GS 120-1-A-1-2015 132. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $135,700 GSF to City Auditor for additional work on Minimum Wage Evaluationheard in Committee  Action details
GS 70-1-A-1-2015 133. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $50,000 of GSF to OSE in 2016 for additional support to the Fresh Bucks food assistance programheard in Committee  Action details
GS 143-1-A-1-2015 134. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $46,208 GSF for City Council Internsheard in Committee  Action details
GS 84-1-A-1-2015 135. Council Budget Action (CBA)Reduce funding by $74,000 GSF salary savings in SFDheard in Committee  Action details
GS 9-1-A-1-2015 136. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118542 - SPU Solid Waste Bond Ordinanceheard in Committee  Action details
GS 10-1-A-1-2015 137. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118543 - the SPU Drainage and Wastewater Bond Ordinanceheard in Committee  Action details
GS 11-1-A-1-2015 138. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118544 - the SPU Solid Waste Bond Refund Ordinanceheard in Committee  Action details
GS 12-1-A-2-2015 139. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118528 - Repeal of Ordinance 122199 related to the Tonnage Taxheard in Committee  Action details
GS 121-1-A-1-2015 140. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $35,000 in GSF to OIRA for a feasibility study to explore how the City, in partnership with community colleges, may establish a ‘Welcome Back Center’heard in Committee  Action details