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Meeting Name: Select Budget Committee Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 11/7/2017 9:30 AM  
Meeting location: Council Chamber, City Hall 600 4th Avenue Seattle, WA 98104
(Session I at 9:30 a.m. & Session II at 2:00 p.m.)
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes:  
Meeting video:  
Record NoVer.Agenda #Name:TypeTitleActionResultAction DetailsSeattle Channel
GS 16-1-A-1-2018 11. Green Sheet (GS)Amend the Ship Canal Water Quality Project (C#3614) in the Mayor's 2018 -2023 Proposed CIP and impose a proviso  
GS 46-1-B-1-2018 13. Green Sheet (GS)Add $3.6 million to SDOT to repay a portion of the Mercer West Interfund Loan  
GS 47-1-A-1-2018 14. Green Sheet (GS)Proviso SDOT spending on the Downtown Circulator  
GS 48-1-A-1-2018 15. Green Sheet (GS)Amend the CIP project page for SDOT's Market to Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) project (TC368060)  
GS 49-1-A-1-2018 16. Green Sheet (GS)Amend the Delridge Multimodal Corridor Project CIP (TC367810) in the Proposed 2018 - 2023 CIP and impose a proviso  
SLI 59-1-A-1-2018 19. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Report on Bridge Safety Analysis study  
GS 72-1-A-1-2018 113. Green Sheet (GS)Add $100,000 to GSF from ARTS admission tax, add $100,000 GSF to OED, and impose a proviso on $100,000 for Office of Film and Music (OFM) to contract for supporting advancement of the film and media production sector  
GS 98-1-C-1-2018 115. Green Sheet (GS)Add $575,000 GSF to SOCR for Zero Youth Detention initiative contracts and capacity building and reduce $175,000 from the Mayor's Office budget  
SLI 121-1-A-1-2018 116. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)SDHR Scope of Class/Compensation Review for Gender Race Bias  
GS 131-1-B-1-2018 117. Green Sheet (GS)Cut three vacant positions and add three positions to OPCD to support community planning and planning for ST3 and reduce GSF appropriations by $75,094  
SLI 134-1-A-1-2018 118. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Report by OPCD on work to support Seattle School District facility planning  
GS 378-2-A-1-2018 120. Green Sheet (GS)Pass C.B. 119128 establishing a public purpose and authorizing funding agreements for OPCD's Equitable Development Initiative  
GS 140-1-B-1-2018 121. Green Sheet (GS)Add $100,000 GSF to SDCI for services supporting neighborhoods with concentrations of unreinforced masonry (URM) buildings.  
SLI 172-1-A-1-2018 122. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)OED and SDHR report on increasing employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals with criminal history  
GS 196-1-A-2-2018 123. Green Sheet (GS)Add $200,000 GSF to SFD for triage nurse services in the Fire Alarm Center  
GS 25-1-A-1-2018 124. Green Sheet (GS)Cut $100,000 from Seattle IT's SPD Records Management System project, add $56,000 GSF for CPC Executive Director reclassification, add $44,000 GSF to OED, and impose a proviso  
SLI 204-1-B-2-2018 125. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)SPD smartphone business case  
SLI 206-1-A-1-2018 126. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)SPD Training Report  
SLI 207-1-A-1-2018 127. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)SPD enforcement of vehicle noise and cruising on Alki  
SLI 213-1-A-1-2018 128. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Creation of Georgetown Public Safety Task Force  
GS 210-1-A-1-2018 129. Green Sheet (GS)Cut $9,542 GSF from CPC with position and expense adjustments and add $9,542 GSF to OIRA for Legal Defense Fund costs  
GS 227-1-B-2-2018 130. Green Sheet (GS)Appropriate $75,000 of fund balance in OH to support the Home and Hope Project  
GS 229-1-A-1-2018 131. Green Sheet (GS)Add $250,000 GSF to OH for pre-development costs for Chief Seattle Club's mixed-used project in Pioneer Square  
GS 233-1-A-1-2018 132. Green Sheet (GS)Cut $900,714 GSF and 6.5 FTE from FAS and add $900,714 and 6.5 FTE to HSD for unsheltered homelessness programming  
GS 240-1-A-1-2018 133. Green Sheet (GS)Proviso on unauthorized encampment removals in certain areas  
GS 240-1-C-1-2018 134. Green Sheet (GS)Proviso on unauthorized encampment removals  
GS 241-1-A-1-2018 135. Green Sheet (GS)Proviso on fencing related to unauthorized encampments  
GS 258-1-B-1-2018 136. Green Sheet (GS)Add $150,000 GSF to HSD for a nurse to serve unsheltered homeless  
GS 235-1-C-1-2018 137. Green Sheet (GS)Add $3,300,000 GSF in HSD for homelessness emergency services  
GS 237-1-B-1-2018 138. Green Sheet (GS)Add $3.75 million GSF to HSD for permanent supportive housing  
GS 272-1-B-1-2018 139. Green Sheet (GS)Add $500,000 GSF to HSD to help homeless youth prepare for educational and employment opportunities  
SLI 284-1-A-1-2018 140. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Supporting reentry navigators and support for currently and formerly incarcerated individuals in indigenous communities  
GS 285-1-A-1-2018 141. Green Sheet (GS)Add $550,000 GSF to HSD for tenant outreach and support services and cut $200,000 GSF from SDCI and increase use of SDCI's fund balance  
GS 288-1-A-1-2018 142. Green Sheet (GS)Cut $996,440 GSF from HSD and add $996,440 GSF to SPD for Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD)  
GS 262-1-A-1-2018 143. Green Sheet (GS)Proviso on spending for the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) scan card project  
GS 282-1-C-1-2018 145. Green Sheet (GS)Add $450,000 GSF to HSD to support authorized encampments  
GS 286-1-A-1-2018 146. Green Sheet (GS)Add $1,200,000 GSF to HSD to create four authorized encampments  
GS 377-1-A-2-2018 147. Green Sheet (GS)Pass C.B. 119125; HSD Results Based Accountability contracting  
GS 335-1-C-1-2018 148. Green Sheet (GS)Amend and pass CB 119130 establishing an Employee Hours Tax, amend and pass interfund loan CB 119131 to finance tax administration systems, and create a new CIP project in Seattle IT  
GS 337-1-C-2-2018 149. Green Sheet (GS)Amend and pass C.B. 119132 authorizing an interfund loan of $12.7 million to the GSF to address the homelessness crisis, the loan to be repaid from the Employee Hours Tax and the sale of property  
GS 357-1-A-1-2018 150. Green Sheet (GS)Alternative funding for homelessness and human services investments  
GS 290-1-A-1-2018 152. Green Sheet (GS)Add $9,500 GSF to the Hearing Examiner budget to cover increased workload.  
GS 294-1-A-1-2018 153. Green Sheet (GS)Add $500,000 GSF to OCA for the Sweetened Beverage Tax (SBT) evaluation work in 2018, and pass C.B. XXXXXX authorizing an interfund loan to be repaid by SBT revenue.  
GS 298-1-A-1-2018 154. Green Sheet (GS)Add $99,000 GSF to OCA for an evaluation of the Fair Chance Housing regulations  
SLI 303-1-A-1-2018 155. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)LAW, SMC, and SOCR report on bail reform  
GS 312-1-B-1-2018 156. Green Sheet (GS)Add $258,200 GSF and Manager I and Strategic Advisor I positions to SMC for the Court Resource Center (CRC)  
GS 333-2-A-1-2018 157. Green Sheet (GS)Amend the FAS CIP to cut $2.2 million from the SPD North Area Interim and Long-term Facilities project and add $2.2 million to SDOT's Neighborhood Parks Street Fund - Your Voice, Your Choice project  
GS 351-1-B-2-2018 158. Green Sheet (GS)Amend and pass C.B. 119129, add $1.3M GSF and five positions to FAS, and add $3.4M GSF to Seattle IT to implement the short-term rental tax and regulatory license  
SLI 402-1-A-1-2018 159. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Report by CBO on management of jail contracts  
GS 332-1-B-1-2018 1  Green Sheet (GS)Add $200,000 GSF support to the Legislative Department to conduct a study of the feasibility of establishing a City-owned public bank  
CB 119125 1 CB 119125Council Bill (CB)AN ORDINANCE relating to contracting by the Human Services Department; adding a new Section 3.20.050 to the Seattle Municipal Code to provide that the Seattle Human Services Department utilize a results-based framework for designing human service investments; amending Section 3.20.030 of the Seattle Municipal Code to clarify the duties of the Director of the Human Services Department with respect to contracting for human services to carry out department programs; and adding a new Section 20.50.020 to the Seattle Municipal Code to exempt contracts for human services executed by the Director from provisions of Chapter 20.50.  
CB 119128 1 CB 119128Council Bill (CB)AN ORDINANCE relating to the Equitable Development Initiative; establishing a public purpose and authorizing the Director of the Office of Planning and Community Development to execute funding agreements for and on behalf of the City related to implementation of the Equitable Development Initiative.  
CB 119129 1 CB 119129Council Bill (CB)AN ORDINANCE relating to the financing of tax administration system improvements and regulatory licensing systems in the Department of Finance and Administrative Services; authorizing an interfund loan in the amount of $4,692,000 from the Seattle Information Technology Operating Fund to the General Subfund Fund.  
CB 119130 1 CB 119130Council Bill (CB)AN ORDINANCE relating to taxation; imposing an employee hours tax; adding a new Chapter 5.38 to Title 5 of the Seattle Municipal Code; and amending Sections 5.30.010, 5.55.010, 5.55.040, 5.55.060, 5.55.150, 5.55.165, 5.55.220, and 5.55.230 of the Seattle Municipal Code.  
CB 119131 1 CB 119131Council Bill (CB)AN ORDINANCE relating to the financing of tax administration system improvements in the City Finance Division in the Department of Finance and Administrative Services; authorizing an interfund loan in the amount of $1,500,000 from the Seattle Information Technology Operating Fund to the General Subfund Fund.  
CB 119132 1 CB 119132Council Bill (CB)AN ORDINANCE relating to the financing of certain general government programs; authorizing an interfund loan from the Housing Incentive Subfund of the Office of Housing Fund to the General Subfund Fund.