Meeting Name: City Council Agenda status: Revised
Meeting date/time: 7/30/2018 2:00 PM  
Meeting location: Council Chamber, City Hall 600 Fourth Avenue Seattle, WA 98104
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Record NoVer.Agenda #Name:TypeTitleActionResultAction DetailsSeattle Channel
IRC 170 1  Introduction & Referral Calendar (IRC)July 30, 2018adopted as amendedPass Action details
Min 190 1  Minutes (Min)July 16, 2018adoptedPass Action details
CB 119320 1 CB 119320Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE appropriating money to pay certain audited claims and ordering the payment thereof.passedPass Action details
CB 119305 11.CB 119305Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to street and sidewalk use fees; adopting a Free-Floating Bike Share Program Fee Schedule; and amending Ordinance 125493, which amended the 2018 Budget (Ordinance 125475), by increasing appropriations to the Seattle Department of Transportation; all by a 3/4 vote of the City Council.passed as amendedPass Action details
CB 119306 12.CB 119306Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to appropriations for the Seattle Department of Transportation's Delridge Multimodal Corridor Project; amending Ordinance 125475, which adopted the 2018 Budget; and lifting a proviso.passed as amendedPass Action details
Res 31826 13. Resolution (Res)A RESOLUTION relating to the Seattle Center City Bike Network; establishing an implementation schedule for Seattle Department of Transportation delivery of capital projects that are elements of the Center City Bike Network; and requesting quarterly status updates to the Chair of the Sustainability and Transportation Committee through 2019.adopted as amendedPass Action details
CB 119298 24.CB 119298Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the Municipal Art Fund; amending Section 20.32.030 of the Seattle Municipal Code to remove the timing limitation on the use of funding.passedPass Action details
CB 119309 15.CB 119309Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE related to appropriations for the Office for Civil Rights; amending Ordinance 125493, which amended the 2018 Budget (Ordinance 125475); and lifting a proviso imposed on the Office for Civil Rights for funding a comprehensive community-based youth diversion program by Green Sheet 97-1-B-1.passedPass Action details
CB 119316 26.CB 119316Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the Human Rights Code; adding Section 8 or other subsidy program administrator to the definition of person; clarifying the difference between reasonable accommodation and reasonable modification; broadening coverage of unfair practices related to reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications to any person; and amending Sections 14.08.020 and 14.08.040 of the Seattle Municipal Code.passedPass Action details
CB 119314 17.CB 119314Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to Seattle Public Utilities; declaring certain real property rights to be surplus to the needs of Seattle Public Utilities; and authorizing the General Manager and CEO of Seattle Public Utilities to grant a water utility easement to the Ryan-GHC Two, LLC, a limited liability company of the state of Delaware to use certain City of Seattle property in the Northeast Quarter of Section 25, Township 23 North, Range 4 East, W.M., in King County, Washington for the purpose of constructing, operating, and maintaining a storm drain pipeline crossing the City of Seattle’s Bow Lake Pipeline right-of-way.passedPass Action details
Res 31829 18. Resolution (Res)A RESOLUTION related to the City Light Department (“City Light”); adopting revised procedures for the disposition of surplus properties under the jurisdiction of City Light.adoptedPass Action details
CF 314311 29. Clerk File (CF)Application of 5201 Rainier LLC for approval of a contract rezone of an approximately 24,000 sf site located at 5201 Rainier Avenue South from Neighborhood Commercial 2 with 40 foot height limit (NC2-40) to Neighborhood Commercial 3 with a 65 foot height limit and a MHA suffix (NC3-65 (M1)) (Project No. 3018378; Type IV).granted as conditionedPass Action details
CB 119303 110.CB 119303Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to land use and zoning; amending Chapter 23.32 of the Seattle Municipal Code at page 159 of the Official Land Use Map to rezone property located at 5201 Rainier Avenue South from Neighborhood Commercial 2 with 40-foot height limit (NC2-40) to Neighborhood Commercial 3 with a 65-foot height limit and a M1 suffix (NC3-65(M1)), and accepting a Property Use and Development Agreement as a condition of rezone approval. (Petition by Hugh Schaeffer, S+H Works, LLC, C.F. 314311, SDCI Project 3018378)passedPass Action details