Meeting Name: Select Budget Committee Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 10/30/2019 9:30 AM  
Meeting location: Council Chamber, City Hall 600 4th Avenue Seattle, WA 98104
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CBA ARTS-1-A-1 11.CBA ARTS-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $50,000 GF to ARTS for the expansion of Coyote Central to the Lake City neighborhoodheard in Committee  Action details
CBA ARTS-2-A-1 12.CBA ARTS-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $25,000 GF to ARTS to support racial equity alignmentheard in Committee  Action details
CBA ARTS-3-A-1 13.CBA ARTS-3-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $25,000 of Admissions Tax to ARTS for access to online historical resourcesheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OCR-1-A-1 14.CBA OCR-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $25,000 GF to OCR to fund Indigenous People's Day celebrations and impose a provisoheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OCR-2-A-1 15.CBA OCR-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $16,000 GF to OCR for Human Rights Dayheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OCR-3-A-1 16.CBA OCR-3-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $25,000 GF to OCR to fund the City's MLK Unity Day celebrationheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OCR-4-A-1 17.CBA OCR-4-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $252,876 GF to OCR for 2.0 FTE positions to address capacity issuesheard in Committee  Action details
CBA LAW-1-A-1 18.CBA LAW-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $113,077 GF and 1.0 FTE paralegal position to LAW for a Domestic Violence technology expertheard in Committee  Action details
CBA LAW-2-A-1 19.CBA LAW-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $113,077 GF to LAW for 1.0 FTE paralegal position to be a trauma informed advocate for Domestic Violence firearm enforcementheard in Committee  Action details
CBA HXM-1-A-1 110.CBA HXM-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $23,000 for HXM improvementsheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OIRA-1-A-1 111.CBA OIRA-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $750,000 one-time GF for Rapid Response Fundheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OIRA-2-A-1 112.CBA OIRA-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $116,291 for 1.0 FTE Strategic Advisor 1heard in Committee  Action details
CBA OIRA-3-A-1 113.CBA OIRA-3-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $50,000 GF for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status application scholarship fundingheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OPCD-1-A-1 114.CBA OPCD-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Proviso $150,000 in 2020 for Comprehensive Plan Outreach and Engagement in OPCDheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OPCD-2-A-1 115.CBA OPCD-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Proviso $500,000 in OPCD for the Comprehensive Plan Environmental Impact Statementheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OPCD-3-A-1 116.CBA OPCD-3-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $35,000 GF to OPCD for a natural capital valuation studyheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OPCD-4-A-1 117.CBA OPCD-4-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $1,075,000 GF to OPCD to support Central Area community developmentheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OPCD-5-A-1 118.CBA OPCD-5-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $100,000 GF (one-time) to OPCD to support community-driven developmentheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OPCD-100-A-1 119.CBA OPCD-100-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass CB 119676 OPCD Equitable Development Initiative interfund loan extensionheard in Committee  Action details
CBA DON-1-A-1 120.CBA DON-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $75,000 GF to DON to support the Seattle Rep's Public Works Seattle Programheard in Committee  Action details
CBA DON-2-A-1 121.CBA DON-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $75,000 GF to DON to support a South Park Public Safety Coordinatorheard in Committee  Action details
CBA DON-3-A-1 122.CBA DON-3-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $34,000 GF (one-time) to DON for Hub in a Boxheard in Committee  Action details
SLI DON-4-A-1 123. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that DON report on long-term funding opportunities to preserve and enhance P-Patchesheard in Committee  Action details
CBA DON-5-A-1 124.CBA DON-5-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $250,000 GF to DON for a community-led place-based violence prevention initiativeheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SPU-1-A-1 125.CBA SPU-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $30,000 in SPU to improve shut-off notifications to multifamily building residents; and cut $30,000 in an SPU reserve accountheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SPU-2-A-1 126. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SPU report on the feasibility of using the City's water pipe infrastructure for a municipal broadband networkheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SPU-3-A-1 127. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SPU negotiate the provision of every-other-week garbage collection with the City's solid waste contractorsheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SPU-100-A-1 128.CBA SPU-100-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass CB 119672 SPU 2020-2022 solid waste ratesheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SCL-1-A-1 129. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request SCL to report on electrification of all transportation and buildingsheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SCL-100-A-1 130.CBA SCL-100-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass CB 119674 authorizing SCL to issue up to $250 million in revenue bonds to support its capital programheard in Committee  Action details
SLI DEEL-1-A-1 131. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that DEEL conduct stakeholder engagement and report on including labor harmony language in Child Care Assistance Program contractsheard in Committee  Action details
CBA DEEL-2-A-1 132.CBA DEEL-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $3.88 million GF to DEEL to expand eligibility for the Child Care Assistance Programheard in Committee  Action details
CBA DEEL-3-A-1 133.CBA DEEL-3-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Impose a proviso on a portion of DEEL Child Care Assistance Program expansion funds to increase access to infant careheard in Committee  Action details
CBA DEEL-4-A-1 134.CBA DEEL-4-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $375,000 GF to DEEL to expand the City's role in connecting families with child careheard in Committee  Action details
CBA DEEL-7-A-1 135.CBA DEEL-7-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $125,000 in one-time GF to DEEL for an access ramp at Concord International Elementary Schoolheard in Committee  Action details
SLI DEEL-8-A-1 136. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that DEEL develop an implementation plan for the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship and report on progressheard in Committee  Action details
SLI DEEL-10-A-1 137. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that DEEL report on data collection, disaggregation, and usageheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SFD-1-A-1 138.CBA SFD-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $1.2 million GF (ongoing) in 2020 to SFD for a third Seattle Fire Department recruit classheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OIG-1-A-1 139.CBA OIG-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $150,000 GF in 2020 (ongoing) to OIG to allow for contracting with outside legal counsel and impose a provisoheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OIG-2-A-1 140.CBA OIG-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add 1.0 FTE to OIG to create an Operations Manager Positionheard in Committee  Action details
CBA CPC-1-A-1 141.CBA CPC-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $150,000 GF in 2020 (ongoing) to CPC to allow for contracting with outside legal counsel and impose a provisoheard in Committee  Action details
CBA CPC-2-A-1 142.CBA CPC-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $200,000 GF in 2020 (one-time) to the CPC to fund Work Plan itemsheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OPA-1-A-1 143.CBA OPA-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $150,000 GF in 2020 (ongoing) to OPA to allow for contracting with outside legal counsel and impose a provisoheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OSE-1-A-1 144.CBA OSE-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $156,291 GF and 1.0 FTE Strategic Advisor 1 to OSE to support the Green New Deal Oversight Board and the climate action interdepartmental teamheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OSE-2-A-1 145.CBA OSE-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $1,040,000 Sweetened Beverage Tax (SBT) to OSE, add $825,000 SBT to HSD, add $260,000 SBT to SPR, add $375,000 SBT to DEEL, and cut $2,500,000 SBT from DONheard in Committee  Action details
SLI OSE-3-A-1 146. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that OSE establish high-road contracting standards for electrical contractorsheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDCI-1-A-1 147.CBA SDCI-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add a term-limited Planning and Development Specialist and $125,477 GF to SDCI for SEPA rulemaking and outreachheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDCI-2-A-1 148.CBA SDCI-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Proviso on $63,000 in SDCI for updates to green building standardsheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SDCI-3-A-1 149. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that OPCD and SDCI prepare a proposal to limit siting of new fossil fuel production and storage facilitiesheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDCI-4-A-1 150.CBA SDCI-4-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add 1.0 FTE Electrical Inspector and $106,339 GF to enforce Washington State regulations related to electrical contractor licensingheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDCI-5-A-1 151.CBA SDCI-5-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $235,684 GF, 1 FTE Housing and Zoning Technician, and 1 FTE Code Compliance Analyst to SDCI for tenant outreach and Property Owner and Tenant Assistance Group staffingheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDCI-6-A-1 152.CBA SDCI-6-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $607,000 GF (ongoing) to SDCI for renter organizing and outreachheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDCI-7-A-1 153.CBA SDCI-7-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $534,522 (ongoing) GF to SDCI for eviction legal defenseheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDCI-8-A-1 154.CBA SDCI-8-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $84,000 GF (one-time) to SDCI for a landlord history resourceheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDCI-100-A-1 155.CBA SDCI-100-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Do pass CB 119669 SDCI's annual fee ordinanceheard in Committee  Action details
CBA LEG-2-A-1 156.CBA LEG-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $20,770 GF to LEG for two reclassified Communications Division positionsheard in Committee  Action details
CBA LEG-3-A-1 157.CBA LEG-3-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Cut $430,024 GF from LEG and adopt legislation to reduce Mayor and Council salariesheard in Committee  Action details
CBA LEG-4-A-1 158.CBA LEG-4-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $71,000 GF to LEG, cut 1 admin staff analyst position and add 1 executive management positionheard in Committee  Action details
SLI CBO-2-A-1 159.SLI CBO-2-A-1Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request CBO to report on steps, timeline and funding to collect high-earners municipal income taxheard in Committee  Action details
SLI CBO-3-A-1 160.SLI CBO-3-A-1Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request CBO to work with DON and OCR to develop a proposal for a compensation program for Boards and Commissions volunteersheard in Committee  Action details
SLI CBO-4-A-1 161.SLI CBO-4-A-1Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request a report from CBO on the use and contracted cost of beds at the King County Jail and options for distribution of services inside the King County Jailheard in Committee  Action details
CBA CBO-100-A-1 162.CBA CBO-100-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass CB 119681 CBO SBT Fund Policies Amendment Ordinanceheard in Committee  Action details
CBA AUD-1-A-1 163.CBA AUD-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $61,976 GF, 3,590 SCL Fund, $1,544 Drainage and Wastewater Fund, $1,508 Water Fund and $538 Solid Waste Fund for salary increases for the Executive Manager and Strategic Advisor positions in the Office of City Auditor.heard in Committee  Action details
CBA BLG-1-A-1 164.CBA BLG-1-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass CB 119667 the 3rd quarter 2019 grant acceptance ordinance, authorizing the acceptance of $7 million of funding from non-City sourcesheard in Committee  Action details
CBA BLG-2-A-1 165.CBA BLG-2-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass CB 119668 the 3rd quarter 2019 supplemental appropriations ordinance, revising the 2019 budgetheard in Committee  Action details
CB 119667 1 CB 119667Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE authorizing, in 2019, acceptance of funding from non-City sources; authorizing the heads of the Executive Department, Department of Education and Early Learning, Seattle Police Department, Seattle Department of Transportation, and the Seattle Fire Department, to accept specified grants, private funding, and subsidized loans and to execute, deliver, and perform corresponding agreements; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.   Action details
CB 119668 1 CB 119668Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE amending Ordinance 125724, which adopted the 2019 Budget, including the 2019-2024 Capital Improvement Program (CIP); changing appropriations to various departments and budget control levels, and from various funds in the Budget; revising project allocations for certain projects in the 2019-2024 CIP; creating non-exempt positions; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts; all by a 3/4 vote of the City Council.   Action details
CB 119669 1 CB 119669Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to fees and charges for permits and activities of the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections, related fees by other departments, and technical corrections; amending Sections 3.58.090, 15.04.074, 22.900B.010, 22.900B.020, 22.900C.010, 22.900D.010, 22.900D.070, 22.900D.090, 22.900D.100, 22.900D.110, 22.900D.140, 22.900D.145, 22.900D.150, 22.900D.160, 22.900E.020, 22.900E.030, 22.900E.040, 22.900E.050, 22.900E.060, 22.900F.010 and 22.900G.015 of the Seattle Municipal Code (SMC); and repealing Section 22.900G.080 of the SMC.   Action details
CB 119672 1 CB 119672Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the solid waste system of Seattle Public Utilities; revising rates and charges for solid waste services; revising credits to low income customers for solid waste services; and amending Sections 21.40.050, 21.40.060, 21.40.070, 21.40.080, 21.40.085, and 21.76.040 of the Seattle Municipal Code.   Action details
CB 119674 1 CB 119674Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the electric system of The City of Seattle; adopting a system or plan of additions and betterments to and extensions of the existing municipal light and electric power generation, transmission, and distribution system of the City; authorizing the issuance and sale of municipal light and power revenue bonds for the purposes of providing funds to pay part of the cost of carrying out that system or plan, providing for the reserve fund requirement (if any), and paying the costs of issuance of the bonds; providing parameters for the bond sale terms including conditions, covenants, and other sale terms; describing the lien of the bonds and authorizing their issuance as either senior lien parity bonds or junior lien bonds; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.   Action details
CB 119676 1 CB 119676Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the financing of Equitable Development Implementation Plan projects; amending Ordinance 125462 to extend the term of an interfund loan.   Action details
CB 119681 1 CB 119681Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to Sweetened Beverage Tax revenues; creating a cash balance reserve in the Sweetened Beverage Tax Fund to offset future revenue shortfalls and maintain program expenditures; and amending Section 5.53.055 of the Seattle Municipal Code.   Action details