Meeting Name: Select Budget Committee Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 11/13/2019 9:30 AM  
Meeting location: Council Chamber, City Hall 600 4th Avenue Seattle, WA 98104
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CBA DEEL-12-A-1 11.CBA DEEL-12-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $75,000 GF (one-time) to DEEL for a human services certificate program and cut $75,000 GF (one-time) from budget action HOM-12-B-1heard in Committee  Action details
CBA HOM-13-C-1 12.CBA HOM-13-C-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $775,000 GF (one-time) to HSD to create a rental assistance pilot, impose a proviso, and cut $75,000 GF (one-time) from Council Budget Action HOM-12-B-1heard in Committee  Action details
SLI CJ-1-A-2 13. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request the City Auditor conduct a review of Seattle Municipal Court's probation programheard in Committee  Action details
CBA CJ-2-B-1 14.CBA CJ-2-B-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Impose a proviso on Finance General Reserves for LAW's staffing of a case conferencing pilotheard in Committee  Action details
CBA CJ-62-B-1 15.CBA CJ-62-B-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $522,600 ongoing GF for youth diversion programs; cut $522,600 for recruitment and retention initiatives from SPDheard in Committee  Action details
SLI DEEL-8-A-1 16. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that DEEL develop an implementation plan for the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship and report on progressheard in Committee  Action details
SLI DEEL-10-A-1 17. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that DEEL report on data collection, disaggregation, and usageheard in Committee  Action details
SLI DON-5-B-1 18. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that DON report on a strategy to develop a community-led place-based violence prevention initiative in Westwood and South Delridgeheard in Committee  Action details
CBA HOM-14-B-1 19.CBA HOM-14-B-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $8,595,000 GF (on-going) to HSD to create 14 tiny home villages, cut $8,395,000 GF (on-going) across multiple departments to discontinue the Navigation Team, cut $200,000 GF (one-time) from HSD for removing Northlake Village, abrogate 30 FTE, and impose a provisoheard in Committee  Action details
CBA HOM-6-C-1 110.CBA HOM-6-C-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $210,000 GF to HSD for homeless outreach in North Seattle and impose a provisoheard in Committee  Action details
CBA HOM-15-B-1 111.CBA HOM-15-B-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Impose a proviso on Navigation Team appropriations in HSDheard in Committee  Action details
SLI HOM-20-A-1 112. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request a report on good neighbor agreements with HSD contractorsheard in Committee  Action details
SLI HOM-21-A-1 113. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request a report exploring needle collection in HSD contractsheard in Committee  Action details
CBA HSD-20-A-1 114.CBA HSD-20-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Impose a proviso on HSD's Utility Discount Program Fundsheard in Committee  Action details
CBA HSD-40-B-1 115.CBA HSD-40-B-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $186,300 GF (ongoing) for legal support for sexual violence survivors; cut $186,300 from SPD for recruitment and retention initiatives.heard in Committee  Action details
SLI OED-7-A-1 116. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that OED identify strategies and resources necessary to support workers during a recessionheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OED-9-A-2 117.CBA OED-9-A-2Council Budget Action (CBA)Impose a proviso on funding for the Creative Industry Policy Advisor position in OEDheard in Committee  Action details
SLI OED-14-A-1 118. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that OED report on the development of the Business Opportunity Support Programheard in Committee  Action details
SLI OED-15-A-1 119. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that OED form a search committee to provide recommendations for hiring a Creative Industry Directorheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OH-7-B-1 120.CBA OH-7-B-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $67,000 (one-time) of fund balance in 2020 to OH for homebuyer counselingheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OLS-2-B-1 121.CBA OLS-2-B-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $202,000 (one-time) for the Community Outreach and Education Fund (COEF); cut $100,000 GF (one-time) from high barrier probation pilot support; and transfer $102,000 FG (one-time) from the Unrestricted Cumulative Reserve Fundheard in Committee  Action details
CBA OSE-2-C-1 122.CBA OSE-2-C-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $540,000 Sweetened Beverage Tax (SBT) to OSE, add $960,000 SBT to HSD, add $300,000 SBT to SPR, add $475,000 SBT to DEEL, cut $2,275,000 SBT from DON, and impose a provisoheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDCI-2-B-1 123.CBA SDCI-2-B-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Proviso on $63,000 in SDCI for updates to green building standardsheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SDCI-3-A-1 124. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that OPCD and SDCI prepare a proposal to limit siting of new fossil fuel production and storage facilitiesheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDCI-6-B-1 125.CBA SDCI-6-B-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $607,000 GF (ongoing) to SDCI for renter organizing and outreach and reduce incentive funding in SPD for officer hiringheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDCI-9-A-1 126.CBA SDCI-9-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $419,522 (ongoing) GF to SDCI for eviction legal defense and reduce SDOT congestion pricing outreach fundingheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SDOT-2-C-1 127. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SDOT report on current maintenance spending for bicycle infrastructureheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDOT-3-B-1 128.CBA SDOT-3-B-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $300,000 of General Fund (Transportation Network Company Tax) and 1.0 FTE for SDOT to support implementation of the Transportation Equity Agenda; and cut $300,000 of Finance General Reserveheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SDOT-9-B-1 129.CBA SDOT-9-B-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Proviso spending on the Delridge Way SW - RapidRide H Line (MC-TR-C042) CIP projectheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SDOT-15-A-1 130. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SDOT develop a plan to make all public transit in Seattle free to rideheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SDOT-19-B-1 131. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SDOT report on an evaluation of Seattle's Complete Streets policy against national best practices and develop an alternative to Level of Service analysisheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SDOT-25-A-1 132. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SDOT and CBO report on the schedule and status of third party funding discussions regarding South Transit's West Seattle and Ballard Link Extension projectheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SPD-5-A-1 133.CBA SPD-5-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Impose a proviso in SPD in 2020 related to emphasis patrolsheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SPD-6-C-1 134.CBA SPD-6-C-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Impose provisos on SPD appropriations related to additional trainingheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SPD-9-A-1 135. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SPD report on a City-wide asset loss approachheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SPD-10-A-1 136. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SPD report on compliance with copper wire lawsheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SPD-11-A-1 137. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SPD report on the Community Service Officer programheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SPD-12-A-1 138. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SPD report on the Hiring and Retention initiativeheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SPD-13-A-1 139. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SPD report on sworn staff hiringheard in Committee  Action details
SLI SPU-2-A-1 140. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SPU report on the feasibility of using the City's water pipe infrastructure for a municipal broadband networkheard in Committee  Action details
CBA SPU-4-A-1 141.CBA SPU-4-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $179,712 in SPU for a pilot program of mobile pump-out services to RVs; and cut $179,712 from two SPU accountsheard in Committee  Action details
CBA TNCDRC-104-A-1 142.CBA TNCDRC-104-A-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Amend CB 119686, version D2, on Director's rules and the rulemaking process; and pass CB 119686 as amendedheard in Committee  Action details
CBA TNCSPN-106-C-1 143.CBA TNCSPN-106-C-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Substitute Resolution 31914 vD3b for vD1d and adopt Resolution 31914 as amendedheard in Committee  Action details
CBA TNCTAX-103-C-1 144.CBA TNCTAX-103-C-1Council Budget Action (CBA)Substitute CB 119684 vD4b for vD2e and pass CB 119684heard in Committee  Action details
CB 119684 1 CB 119684Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to taxation; imposing a tax on transportation network companies; adding a new Chapter 5.39 to the Seattle Municipal Code; and amending Sections 5.30.010, 5.30.060, 5.55.010, 5.55.040, 5.55.060, 5.55.150, 5.55.165, 5.55.220, and 5.55.230 of the Seattle Municipal Code.   Action details
CB 119686 1 CB 119686Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to transportation network company drivers; establishing deactivation protections for transportation network company drivers; amending Section 3.15.000 of the Seattle Municipal Code; and adding a new Chapter 14.32 to the Seattle Municipal Code.   Action details
Res 31914 1  Resolution (Res)A RESOLUTION adopting a spending plan for the proceeds of the Seattle Transportation Network Company tax to provide support to affordable housing near frequent transit, transportation, and a driver conflict resolution center.   Action details