Meeting Name: City Council Agenda status: Revised
Meeting date/time: 10/5/2020 2:00 PM  
Meeting location: Remote Meeting. Call 253-215-8782; Meeting ID: 586 416 9164; or Seattle Channel online.
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Record NoVer.Agenda #Name:TypeTitleActionResultAction DetailsSeattle Channel
Min 302 1  Minutes (Min)September 29, 2020adoptedPass Action details
IRC 273 1  Introduction & Referral Calendar (IRC)October 5, 2020adoptedPass Action details
CB 119904 1 CB 119904Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE appropriating money to pay certain audited claims for the week of September 21, 2020 through September 25, 2020 and ordering the payment thereof.passedPass Action details
CB 119884 11.CB 119884Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the SODO Parking and Business Improvement Area; modifying the 2021 assessment values update; and amending Ordinance 125678.passedPass Action details
CB 119902 12.CB 119902Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the City Light Department; amending Section 21.49.090 of the Seattle Municipal Code to clarify the Department’s discretion to allow additional services on a parcel as it deems necessary to provide adequate service to customers.passedPass Action details
CB 119903 13.CB 119903Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to City employment, commonly referred to as the Third Quarter 2020 Employment Ordinance; returning positions to the civil service system; and establishing a new title and corresponding rate of pay; all by a 2/3 vote of the City Council.passedPass Action details
CB 119877 24.CB 119877Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to land use review decision and meeting procedures; temporarily modifying and suspending procedures in Titles 23 and 25 of the Seattle Municipal Code and amending Chapters 23.41, 23.49, 23.66, 23.79, 25.12, 25.16, 25.20, 25.21, 25.22, 25.24, and 25.30 of the Seattle Municipal Code.passedPass Action details
CB 119898 15.CB 119898Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the City Light Department; amending subsection 21.49.086.D of the Seattle Municipal Code to define the Net Wholesale Revenue target used in Rate Stabilization Account operations for 2021-2024.passedPass Action details
CB 119899 16.CB 119899Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the City Light Department; amending Section 21.49.125 of the Seattle Municipal Code; updating the City Light Department’s Open Access Transmission Tariff and rates to meet changes in costs and regulations.passedPass Action details
CB 119895 17.CB 119895Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the City Light Department; granting authority for the Department to offer incentive programs in the electrification of transportation for its customers, including the promotion of electric vehicle adoption and advertising programs to promote the utility’s services, incentives, or rebates; and adding a new Chapter 21.53 to the Seattle Municipal Code.passedPass Action details
Res 31971 18.CB 119894Resolution (Res)A RESOLUTION relating to the City Light Department; adopting a Transportation Electrification Strategic Investment Plan for the City Light Department that will guide the development of the utility’s infrastructure strategy and investment priorities related to the electrification of transportation.adoptedPass Action details
Res 31973 19. Resolution (Res)A RESOLUTION setting the time and place for hearings on the appeals of certain appellants, Hearing Examiner Case Numbers CWF-0228, CWF-0063, CWF-0078, CWF-0137, CWF-0154, CWF-0189, CWF-0230, CWF-0338, CWF-0204, CWF-0259, CWF-0301, CWF-0270, CWF-0206, CWF-0094, CWF-0236, CWF-0375, CWF-0314, CWF-0280, CWF-0265, CWF-0243, CWF-0227, CWF-0427, CWF-0426, CWF-0215, CWF-0439, CWF-0438, CWF-0437, CWF-0436, CWF-0435, CWF-0434, CWF-0433, CWF-0432, CWF-0422, CWF-0431, CWF-0430, CWF-0171, CWF-0421, CWF-0429, CWF-0423, CWF-0420, CWF-0412, CWF-0418, CWF-0097, CWF-0417, CWF-0416, CWF-0415, CWF-0414, CWF-0413, CWF-0318, CWF-0411, CWF-0410, CWF-0176, CWF-0252, CWF-0133, CWF-0134, CWF-0136, CWF-0168, CWF-0353, CWF-0283, CWF-0425, CWF-0441, and CWF-0440, from the findings and recommendation report of the Hearing Examiner on the final assessment roll for Local Improvement District No. 6751, and directing that the City Clerk provide any required notice of the hearings in the manner required by law.adoptedPass Action details