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Meeting Name: Select Budget Committee Agenda status: Revised
Meeting date/time: 10/28/2020 9:30 AM  
Meeting location: Remote Meeting. Call 253-215-8782; Meeting ID: 586 416 9164; or Seattle Channel online.
Session I at 9:30 a.m. & Session II at 2 p.m.
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes:  
Agenda packet: Agenda Packet Agenda Packet
Meeting video:  
Record NoVer.Agenda #Name:TypeTitleActionResultAction DetailsSeattle Channel
Inf 1720 11. Information Item (Inf)Introduction and CBAs and SLIs Overview  
SLI CBO-001-A-001 12.SLI CBO-001-A-001Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request a new Internet for All section in the 2021 Adopted Budget Book  
CBA DEEL-001-A-001 13.CBA DEEL-001-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $550,000 of 2011 Families and Education Levy to DEEL for a study and one-time programmatic funding for Black girls and young women and Black queer and trans youth  
CBA DEEL-002-A-001 14.CBA DEEL-002-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $550,000 GF to DEEL for a restorative justice pilot program  
CBA DON-001-A-001 15.CBA DON-001-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add a Planning and Development Specialist II and $130,350 to DON to staff an Indigenous Advisory Council  
CBA DON-002-A-001 16.CBA DON-002-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $200,000 to DON to support Detective Cookie Chess Park  
CBA DON-003-A-001 17.CBA DON-003-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $75,000 GF to DON for a South Park safety coordinator  
SLI FAS-001-A-001 18. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that FAS report on potential space for a food bank in Belltown  
CBA FAS-002-A-001 19.CBA FAS-002-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass legislation to provide a business and occupation tax credit for businesses with 2020 income below $200,000  
CBA LAW-001-A-001 110.CBA LAW-001-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Recommend passage of legislation to redefine the terms "duress" and "de minimis" in the Seattle Municipal Code  
CBA LEG-001-A-001 111.CBA LEG-001-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $275,000 GF to LEG to contract for a report on citywide human service wage inequities  
CBA LEG-002-A-001 112.CBA LEG-002-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $350,000 GF to LEG to fund transportation impact fee studies  
CBA OCR-001-A-001 113.CBA OCR-001-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $1,080,000 GF to OCR for community-based organizations providing alternatives to or addressing harm created by the criminal justice system  
SLI OCR-002-A-001 114. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that the Executive participate in a work group regarding implementation of the 2019 Racial Equity Toolkit report  
CBA OED-001-A-001 115.CBA OED-001-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $213,755 GF and 1.0 FTE Strategic Advisor 2 to OED for the Nightlife Business Advocate  
SLI OED-002-A-001 116. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that OED develop strategies to support farmers markets  
CBA OED-003-A-001 117.CBA OED-003-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $167,493 and 1.0 FTE Strategic Advisor 2 (term-limited) to OED for a Farmers Market Advocate position  
SLI OED-004-A-001 118. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that OED develop a construction impacts mitigation program for small businesses  
CBA OH-001-A-001 119.CBA OH-001-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $200,000 GF to OH to fund the Home and Hope Program  
CBA OH-002-A-001 120.CBA OH-002-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $1.7 million of GF to OH for property acquisition and feasibility study for Aurora Commons Redevelopment Project  
CBA OH-003-A-001 121.CBA OH-003-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $200,000 GF to OH for the Home for Good Program  
CBA OIR-001-A-001 122.CBA OIR-001-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $118,000 GF to OIR for state lobbying contracts  
CBA OIRA-001-A-001 123.CBA OIRA-001-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $190,000 GF to OIRA for the Legal Defense Network  
CBA OPCD-001-A-001 124.CBA OPCD-001-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Proviso $30,000 in OPCD for the Comprehensive Plan Environmental Impact Statement  
CBA OPCD-002-A-001 125.CBA OPCD-002-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Proviso $100,000 in OPCD for Comprehensive Plan outreach and engagement in 2021  
SLI RET-001-A-001 126. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request that SCERS provide a report on sources and uses of City retirement funds and performance of the SCERS II plan  
SLI SPL-001-A-001 127. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request SPL open curbside pickup and return at all branches  
SLI SPU-001-A-001 128. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request SPU to prepare a scope of work to analyze wastewater treatment plans and potential governance structure changes  
SLI SPU-002-A-001 129. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Request SPU to explore an expansion of the Tree Ambassador program  
CBA SPU-003-A-001 130.CBA SPU-003-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $286,000 GF to SPU to expand the Encampment Trash program to 13 additional sites  
CBA SPU-004-A-001 131.CBA SPU-004-A-001Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $58,000 GF to SPU for street sink handwashing stations