City of Seattle | Office of the City Clerk

Welcome to the Office of the City Clerk's Legislative Information Center.

Here you can find items being considered by the City Council and agendas for upcoming meetings. The information found here dates back to February 2015.

Earlier legislative information is available through the Office of the City Clerk's Online Information Resources.

The City Charter and Seattle Municipal Code are also available online.


Search here for Council Bills, Ordinances, Resolutions, Clerk Files, Appointments, and related meeting records. Each record contains detailed information including legislative text, Councilmember sponsorship, dates of key actions, and status of legislation.


Access published City Council meeting agendas, related meeting material, and minutes.

Visit the Council Calendar for a full list of meeting dates.


Find City Councilmembers' contact information, meeting attendance, sponsored legislation, and voting history.


View Council Committee information including membership and scope of work.