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Record No: Res 31642    Version: 1 Council Bill No:
Type: Resolution (Res) Status: Adopted
Current Controlling Legislative Body City Clerk
On agenda: 12/14/2015
Ordinance No:
Title: A RESOLUTION declaring support for Muslim communities, affirming the religious pluralism of the United States, and urging Seattle residents to stand together for peace and understanding.
Sponsors: Tim Burgess
Attachments: 1. Signed Resolution 31642
Supporting documents: 1. Summary and Fiscal Note


RESOLUTION _________________



A RESOLUTION declaring support for Muslim communities, affirming the religious pluralism of the United States, and urging Seattle residents to stand together for peace and understanding.



WHEREAS, Muslims are part of our society and, inspired by their faith, give back every day as U.S. military personnel, police officers, doctors, nurses, caregivers, teachers, and in many other roles contributing to the success of the United States of America and The City of Seattle; and

WHEREAS, our nation’s founding documents emphasize the freedom of religion and a society that embraces religious pluralism; and

WHEREAS, The City of Seattle values the many different cultures, religions, and traditions our residents embrace; and

WHEREAS, The City of Seattle continues to work toward a more inclusive society and welcomes cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity; and

WHEREAS, Muslims, both native born and immigrant, represent an increasingly important thread in the tapestry of American society; and

WHEREAS, the Muslim population in Washington State is estimated to be approximately 100,000 people, many thousands of whom live in Seattle, and who share the same American values and freedoms that we all cherish; and

WHEREAS, a significant percentage of Seattle’s immigrants and refugees are Muslim and have come to Seattle seeking a safe place to work, study, or raise a family; and

WHEREAS, throughout history the United States has welcomed wave after wave of immigrants and refugees, who add enormous value to the economic and cultural life of our nation; and

WHEREAS, presently, anti-Muslim rhetoric has increased in the national discourse and rates of hate violence targeting Muslim families and children are at record highs across our nation, which is detrimental to all people who cherish freedom and liberty; and

WHEREAS, some of the darkest moments in our nation’s and our city’s history have emerged from similar climates of fear; and

WHEREAS, this fear-based rhetoric distorts the reality of terrorism in the United States, where more individuals have been killed since September 11, 2001, by those who espouse other extremist ideologies like white supremacy or antigovernment fanatics than by those who espouse a perverted form of Islam; and

WHEREAS, hateful rhetoric only enables extremist ideologies to flourish in the dark corners of global society; and

WHEREAS, The City of Seattle finds this anti-Muslim rhetoric and hate violence to be against American principles of religious freedom and fairness and contrary to the vision we hold as a nation that welcomes all people; and

WHEREAS, all of Seattle’s residents deserve to live in a safe environment free of hate and discrimination; and

WHEREAS, The City of Seattle wishes to extend the traditional Islamic greeting of “Peace be upon you” to all of its Muslim residents and visitors; NOW, THEREFORE,


Section 1. The City of Seattle does not tolerate anti-Muslim hate speech and violent acts committed against those who are Muslim or perceived as being Muslim, their places of worship, businesses, schools, and community centers. These are in direct contradiction to values of The City of Seattle and our open American way of life. We encourage our residents to recognize and celebrate the cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity that is represented in our City. We encourage residents to take extra efforts to ensure the safety of their Muslim neighbors. We encourage all City departments to direct appropriate attention and resources to supporting those targeted by hate speech and hate crimes.



                     Adopted by the City Council the ____ day of ____________________, 2015, and signed by me in open session in authentication of its adoption this________ day

of ______________________, 2015.                                                                                                                                                   


                                                                                                                              President ___________ of the City Council


The Mayor concurred the _____ day of _______________________, 2015.



                                                                                          Edward B. Murray, Mayor


                     Filed by me this ____ day of ________________________, 2015.



                                                               Monica Martinez Simmons, City Clerk