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Record No: Res 32002    Version: 1 Council Bill No:
Type: Resolution (Res) Status: Adopted
Current Controlling Legislative Body City Clerk
On agenda: 4/19/2021
Ordinance No:
Title: A RESOLUTION supporting renewal of King County's Best Starts for Kids Levy.
Sponsors: M. Lorena González
Supporting documents: 1. Summary and Fiscal Note, 2. Signed Resolution 32002, 3. Affidavit of Publication
RESOLUTION __________________
A RESOLUTION supporting renewal of King County's Best Starts for Kids Levy.
WHEREAS, since 1990, Seattle voters have generously supported investments in education and support services for the city's youngest learners, students, and their families; and
WHEREAS, Seattle voters approved successive seven-year property tax lid lifts known as the Families and Education Levy in 1990, 1997, 2004, and 2011; and
WHEREAS, in 2014, Seattle voters approved an expansion of the City's education efforts by approving the four-year Seattle Preschool Program Levy to provide Seattle children with accessible high-quality preschool services; and
WHEREAS, since 2018, with voter approval of the Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy (FEPP Levy), the City has continued its investments in high-quality early learning, expanded learning opportunities, culturally-responsive programming, physical and mental health services, college and job readiness experiences, and post-secondary opportunities; and
WHEREAS, the overall goal of the FEPP Levy is to partner with families and communities to advance educational equity, close opportunity gaps, and build a better economic future for Seattle students; and
WHEREAS, despite these valuable investments and support for children, students, and their families, widespread educational inequities still exist within Seattle with respect to students meeting grade level standards, discipline rates, and graduation rates; and
WHEREAS, eliminating racial and economic educational inequities for Seattle children and students cannot be accomplished in isolation through the investments of only one entity, but must be approached systemically and supported by entities at many levels; and
WHEREAS, collaboration and partnership are essential in supporting the development and education of the city's children and youth; and
WHEREAS, the City values its many partners in this work, including students, families...

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