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Meeting Name: Select Budget Committee Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 11/2/2015 10:30 AM  
Meeting location: Council Chamber, City Hall 600 Fourth Avenue Seattle, WA 98104
(or after Council Briefing meeting)
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes:  
Agenda packet:
Meeting video:  
Record NoVer.Agenda #Name:TypeTitleActionResultAction DetailsSeattle Channel
GS 102-1-A-1-2015 11. Council Budget Action (CBA)Reduce GSF funding by $718,000 in HSD for excess minimum wage mitigation fundingheard in Committee  Action details
GS 102-2-A-1-2015 12. Council Budget Action (CBA)Reduce GSF funding by $663,000 in HSD to reclaim unspent 2015 fundsheard in Committee  Action details
GS 103-1-A-1-2015 13. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add 1 FTE Strategic Advisor 2 in HSDheard in Committee  Action details
GS 105-1-A-1-2015 14. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $150,000 GSF to the Office of City Auditor in 2016 to fund an evaluation of the Seattle Youth Employment Programheard in Committee  Action details
GS 106-1-A-1-2015 15. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $175,000 GSF to HSD for Seattle Youth Employment Program Lunchesheard in Committee  Action details
GS 107-1-A-1-2015 16. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $106,500 GSF to HSD for the Rainier Beach: A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth projectheard in Committee  Action details
GS 108-1-A-1-2015 17. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $254,000 GSF to HSD for Family Intervention and Restorative Services Centerheard in Committee  Action details
GS 109-1-A-1-2015 18. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $200,000 GSF to HSD for Career Bridgeheard in Committee  Action details
GS 109-1-B-1-2015 19. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $400,000 GSF to HSD for Career Bridgeheard in Committee  Action details
GS 110-1-A-1-2015 110. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $80,000 GSF in the Human Services Department to provide casework for homeless youth in the Capitol Hill and Downtown neighborhoods.heard in Committee  Action details
GS 112-3-A-1-2015 111. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $255,953 GSF to HSD for Family Homeless Shelter Supportheard in Committee  Action details
GS 112-4-A-1-2015 112. Council Budget Action (CBA)Impose a proviso on HSD spending for 24-hour shelterheard in Committee  Action details
GS 114-1-A-1-2015 113. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $75,000 GSF to HSD to support cultural competency and equity training for professionals working with LGBTQ older adults, families, and caregivers, and a peer support program for this populationheard in Committee  Action details
GS 115-1-A-1-2015 114. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $250,000 GSF to HSD for the provision of social support services at senior centersheard in Committee  Action details
GS 116-1-A-1-2015 115. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $40,000 GSF to HSD to support food banks primarily serving the American Indian / Alaska Native Communityheard in Committee  Action details
GS 117-1-A-1-2015 116. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $500,000 GSF one time to HSD for Community Health Facilitiesheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 118-1-A-1-2015 117. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Analysis and report by HSD on the impact of major funding shift for agencies working with older adults and people with disabilitiesheard in Committee  Action details
GS 141-1-A-1-2015 118. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $97,900 to HSD for tenant education and organizing   Action details
GS 145-1-A-1-2015 119. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $154,810 GSF to HSD for Homeless Hygiene Servicesheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 87-1-A-1-2015 120. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Explore greater collaboration and efficiency gains within the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) and Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) programsheard in Committee  Action details
GS 88-1-A-1-2015 121. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118546, SDOT's Street Use Permit Fee Ordinance.heard in Committee  Action details
GS 89-1-A-1-2015 122. Council Budget Action (CBA)Adopt Resolution 31627 to allow for contingent budget authority in the development of future budget proposals for SDOT's Street Use Division, in the event that permit activity slows.heard in Committee  Action details
GS 90-1-A-1-2015 123. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118532, authorizing a $26.3 million interfund loan to SDOT for the Mercer West project.heard in Committee  Action details
SLI 90-2-A-1-2015 124. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Sale Process for 800 Mercer Street (Megablock/Teardrop)heard in Committee  Action details
GS 91-1-A-1-2015 125. Council Budget Action (CBA)Increase revenue and appropriations by $94,959,100 to reflect passage of the Move Seattle Transportation Levy.heard in Committee  Action details
GS 92-1-A-1-2015 126. Council Budget Action (CBA)Seawall Provisoheard in Committee  Action details
GS 93-1-A-1-2015 127. Council Budget Action (CBA)Proviso spending on Bike Share expansion.heard in Committee  Action details
GS 94-1-A-1-2015 128. Council Budget Action (CBA)Proviso spending on the Broadway Streetcar Extensionheard in Committee  Action details
GS 94-2-A-2-2015 129. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B. 118553 to modify reporting requirements for the Seattle Streetcar.heard in Committee  Action details
GS 95-1-A-1-2015 130. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $700,000 to SDOT for West Seattle Bridge Corridor congestion management investmentsheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 95-2-A-1-2015 1h31. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)West Seattle Bridge Corridor Improvementsheard in Committee  Action details
GS 96-1-A-1-2015 1h32. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $1 million to provide transit passes to income-qualified youth in Seattle Public Schoolsheard in Committee  Action details
GS 97-3-A-1-2015 1h33. Council Budget Action (CBA)Pass C.B.______ -- Red light camera funding for pedestrian projectsheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 98-1-A-1-2015 1h34. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)Evaluate a new program requiring employers to provide transit benefits to employeesheard in Committee  Action details
GS 100-1-A-1-2015 1h35. Council Budget Action (CBA)Add $20,000 GSF to SDOT to study shared off-street parkingheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 100-2-A-1-2015 1h36. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)SDOT report on parking benefit districtsheard in Committee  Action details
SLI 101-1-A-1-2015 1h37. Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI)An inventory of Public Benefits provided by Street and Alley Vacationsheard in Committee  Action details
GS 150-1-A-1-2015 138. Council Budget Action (CBA)Cut $125,000 GSF in salary savings from Finance General (FG) reserve and transfer $102,000 GSF from FG reserve to SPD to fund civilian community liaison positionheard in Committee  Action details