Meeting Name: City Council Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 8/8/2016 2:00 PM  
Meeting location: Council Chamber, City Hall 600 Fourth Avenue Seattle, WA 98104
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Record NoVer.Agenda #Name:TypeTitleActionResultAction DetailsSeattle Channel
IRC 75 1  Introduction & Referral Calendar (IRC)August 8, 2016adopted as amendedPass Action details
Min 87 1  Minutes (Min)July 25, 2016adoptedPass Action details
Min 88 1  Minutes (Min)August 1, 2016adoptedPass Action details
CB 118757 1 CB 118757Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE appropriating money to pay certain audited claims and ordering the payment thereof.passedPass Action details
Res 31690 11. Resolution (Res)A RESOLUTION providing an honorary designation of South Jackson Street from 20th Avenue South to 23rd Avenue South as “Ernestine Anderson Way.”adoptedPass Action details
CB 118755 12.CB 118755Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the Open Housing Ordinance; adding antidiscrimination protections based on a renters’ use of a subsidy or verifiable alternative source of income; adding a first-in-time policy; prohibiting preferred employer programs; adding Section 14.08.050 to, and amending Sections 14.08.015, 14.08.020, 14.08.040, 14.08.045, 14.08.060, 14.08.070 and 14.08.190 of, the Seattle Municipal Code.passed as amendedPass Action details
CF 314315 13. Clerk File (CF)Application of 1511 Dexter Limited Partnership for approval of a rezone 16,234 square feet of property located 1511 Dexter Ave North from Neighborhood Commercial 3 with a 40 foot height limit (NC3-40) to Neighborhood Commercial 3 with a 65 foot height limit (NC3-65). (Project No. 3015682, Type IV)grantedPass Action details
CB 118750 14.CB 118750 CB 118750Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to land use and zoning; amending Chapter 23.32 of the Seattle Municipal Code at page 90 of the Official Land Use Map to rezone property located at 1511 Dexter Avenue North from Neighborhood Commercial 3-40 (NC3-40) to Neighborhood Commercial 3-65 (NC3-65), and accepting a Property Use and Development Agreement as a condition of rezone approval. (Petition by Bellwether Housing, C.F. 314315, SDCI Project 3015682)passed as amendedPass Action details
CB 118675 25.CB 118675Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to land use and zoning; amending the Official Land Use Map (Chapter 23.32) to rezone land within the Lake City Urban Village and along Lake City Way; amending subsection 23.47A.005.C of the Seattle Municipal Code to remove certain restrictions on street-level street-facing residential uses; and amending Section 23.47A.009 to adopt development standards for certain properties along Lake City Way.passedPass Action details
Res 31682 26. Resolution (Res)A RESOLUTION identifying proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments to be considered for possible adoption in 2017; and requesting that the Office of Planning and Community Development and the Seattle Planning Commission review and make recommendations about the proposed amendments.adoptedPass Action details
CB 118731 17.CB 118731Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to historic preservation; imposing controls upon The Theodora, a landmark designated by the Landmarks Preservation Board under Chapter 25.12 of the Seattle Municipal Code, and adding it to the Table of Historical Landmarks contained in Chapter 25.32 of the Seattle Municipal Code.passedPass Action details
CB 118737 18.CB 118737Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System; creating a separate retirement plan for City employees whose membership in the Retirement System begins on or after January 1, 2017; clarifying certain provisions and making technical corrections; and adding new Sections 4.36.005, 4.36.607, and 4.36.608 to, and amending Sections 4.36.010, 4.36.020, 4.36.030, 4.36.040, 4.36.050, 4.36.060, 4.36.070, 4.36.080, 4.36.090, 4.36.500, 4.36.505, 4.36.510, 4.36.515, 4.36.520, 4.36.525, 4.36.530, 4.36.540, 4.36.545, 4.36.550, 4.36.555, 4.36.560, 4.36.565, 4.36.567, 4.36.570, 4.36.575, 4.36.580, 4.36.585, 4.36.590, 4.36.595, 4.36.600, 4.36.605, 4.36.610, 4.36.615, 4.36.620, 4.36.625, 4.36.630, 4.36.635, 4.36.640, 4.36.645, 4.36.650, 4.36.655, 4.36.660, 4.36.665, 4.36.670, 4.36.675, 4.36.680, 4.36.690, 4.36.695, 4.36.705, 4.36.710, 4.36.715, 4.36.720, and 4.36.900 of, the Seattle Municipal Code.passedPass Action details
Res 31688 19. Resolution (Res)A RESOLUTION amending Resolution 31334; establishing the City Council’s intent to fund the Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System (SCERS) in accordance with the January 1, 2016, Actuarial Study.adoptedPass Action details
Res 31689 110. Resolution (Res)A RESOLUTION approving interest rates set by the Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System (SCERS) Board of Administration for 2017.adoptedPass Action details
CB 118754 111.CB 118754Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to international affairs and the Seattle Sister Cities program, amending Sections 3.14.440, 3.14.450, 3.14.460, and 3.14.470 of the Seattle Municipal Code.postponed  Action details
CF 314304 112. Clerk File (CF)Petition of Swedish Health Services for the vacation of the alley in Block 95, Terry’s Second Addition to the City of Seattle.granted as conditionedPass Action details
Res 31681 213. Resolution (Res)A RESOLUTION establishing the shared city and community goals and strategies of the Equity and Environment Agenda as City policy and a critical aspect and foundation for all environment and sustainability work in Seattle.adoptedPass Action details
CB 118732 114.CB 118732Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to City streets; changing the name of Broad Street between 9th Avenue N and Westlake Avenue N to Roy Street, of Warren Place between Warren Avenue N and its east terminus to Warren Place N, of S Della Street between 27th Avenue S and Martin Luther King Jr. Way S to S Walden Street, of Cloverdale Place S between Rainier Avenue S and Seward Avenue S to S Cloverdale Place, of NW 35th Street between 1st Avenue NW and NW Canal Street to NW Canal Street, of 1st Avenue NW between the south margin of N Canal Street and N 35th Street to N Canal Street, of a lower roadway at the east of the present existing bridge on Eastlake Avenue NE between its south terminus at the shoreline and the south margin of NE Pacific Street to Eastlake Place NE, of a lower roadway at the east of the present existing bridge on Eastlake Avenue NE between the north margin of NE Pacific Street and the south margin of NE 40th Street to Eastlake Place NE; correcting and confirming the name and location of NW 114th Street between NW Carkeek Park Road and NW 116th Street as NW 114th Street; naming thpassedPass Action details
CB 118733 115.CB 118733Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (“Sound Transit”); authorizing execution of the “Lynnwood Link Supplement to the Memorandum of Agreement for Intergovernmental Cooperation (April 20, 1998) between Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit) and the City of Seattle for the Central Link Light Rail Project”; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.passedPass Action details
CB 118725 116.CB 118725Ordinance (Ord)AN ORDINANCE relating to the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation; authorizing the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation to execute for and on behalf of the City an amendment to the existing Seacrest Boathouse Concession Agreement with Marination LLC, originally authorized by Ordinance 124112; authorizing the Superintendent to execute future amendments relating to concession fees as the Superintendent determines to be in the best interest of the City; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.passedPass Action details