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Record No: CB 118618    Version: Council Bill No: CB 118618
Type: Ordinance (Ord) Status: Passed
Current Controlling Legislative Body City Clerk
On agenda: 3/14/2016
Ordinance No: Ord 125011
Title: AN ORDINANCE relating to the Seattle bike share program; authorizing a partial removal of the proviso included in 2016 budget Green Sheet 93-1-A-1; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.
Attachments: 1. Divided Report
Supporting documents: 1. Summary and Fiscal Note, 2. CM Herbold Amendment #1, 3. CM Burgess Amendment #2, 4. CM O'Brien Amendment #3, 5. CM Burgess-Herbold Amendment #4, 6. CM OBrien Amendment #5, 7. CM OBrien Amendment #6, 8. CM Gonzalez Amendment #7, 9. CM Gonzalez Amendment #8, 10. CM OBrien Amendment #9, 11. Acquisition Contract, 12. Execution Agreement, 13. Central Staff Memo, 14. SDOT Responses to Council Questions, 15. Bike Share Expansion vs. Relaunch One Pager, 16. Presentation (3/1/16), 17. Presentation (2/19/16), 18. Presentation (2/2/16), 19. Signed Ord 125011


ORDINANCE __________________

COUNCIL BILL __________________


AN ORDINANCE relating to the Seattle bike share program; authorizing a partial removal of the proviso included in 2016 budget Green Sheet 93-1-A-1; and ratifying and confirming certain prior acts.


WHEREAS, bike share has been transformative in more than 500 cities on five continents and in 90 municipalities in the United States; and

WHEREAS, the non-profit company, Puget Sound Bike Share, doing business as Pronto, launched bike share in Seattle in October 2014; and

WHEREAS 34,000 individuals have taken more than 160,000 trips on the 54-station, 500-bicycle system; and 

WHEREAS, The City of Seattle’s 2016 budget included a $5,000,000 appropriation from Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) street use fee revenue to be used to expand bike share; and

WHEREAS, the City Council, in Green Sheet 93-1-A-1, imposed a proviso on the use of those funds for the expansion of bike share; and

WHEREAS, the City Council requested a business plan including a financial analysis and information on long-term operations, implementation, and spending before granting such authority; and

WHEREAS, SDOT continues to develop the business plan for expansion and will bring that before the City Council later this year; and

WHEREAS, to keep bike share operational in 2016, SDOT proposes that the City take ownership of the system and contract directly with an operator; and

WHEREAS, SDOT will then conduct a competitive bid process for long-term operations and equipment for the bike share system; and

WHEREAS, the existing bike share system is currently insolvent and may cease operations, which would create a gap between Pronto’s and the City’s operation of the bike share system; NOW, THEREFORE,


Section 1. The Seattle Department of Transportation is granted a partial lift of the proviso in Green Sheet 93-1-A-1, part of The City of Seattle’s 2016 budget, to purchase bike share assets from Pronto for $1,400,000 to ensure that bike share remains operational in Seattle; and $50,000 for outreach activities as described in Section 6 of this ordinance.

Section 2. The remainder of the funds, totaling $3,550,000, will not be appropriated until completion of the competitive process and vendor selection needed for expansion.  Council anticipates that such authority will not be granted until the Seattle Department of Transportation provides a detailed spending and implementation plan and financial analysis of the expansion and long-term operations of the Bike Share program; and demonstrates that the following bicycle infrastructure projects are on schedule to be completed prior to an expansion of the bike share system:

a) Dexter Ave N Protected Bike Lane (Mercer St to Roy St)

b) Westlake Ave N Protected Bike Lane (W Raye St to Valley St)

c) 2nd Ave Protected Bike Lane (Yesler Way to S Washington St)

d) 9th Ave N Protected Bike Lane (Westlake Ave N to Denny Way)

e) 2nd Ave Protected Bike Lane (Pike St to Denny Way)

Section 3. Following acquisition of Pronto assets, SDOT will provide a monthly written report on bike share operations to City Council until January 2017.  At a minimum, the report will include bike share ridership, program expenses and revenues, and a summary of SDOT actions to manage the bike share program.

Section 4. SDOT will incorporate feedback from the Council in developing the Request for Proposals for expansion of the bike share system, including the possibility of a combined free-floating and point-to-point model, deployment of electric bicycles, and expanding the existing system.  It is the Council’s intention that the Mayor engage the Council in the selection of the future bike share operator for the Bike Share RFP prior to any Council action to lift the proviso on the remaining $3,550,000 for expansion.

Section 5. The City Budget Office shall create a new Bike Share Fund in the development of the 2017-2018 Budget to manage expenses and revenues related to the program.

Section 6.  The Seattle Department of Transportation shall engage low-income populations and communities of color on the need for and expansion of the bike share system to serve these communities.  SDOT shall consult with the Seattle Office for Civil Rights in the development of an outreach plan that is linguistically appropriate and culturally competent, and shall include surveys and direct public engagement.  SDOT may engage community based organizations to assist in this outreach.  SDOT shall report findings to Council as required by SMC 5.09.040, no later than September 30, 2016.

Section 7.  Any act consistent with the authority of this ordinance taken after its passage and prior to its effective date is ratified and confirmed.



Section 8.  This ordinance shall take effect and be in force 30 days after its approval by the Mayor, but if not approved and returned by the Mayor within ten days after presentation, it shall take effect as provided by Seattle Municipal Code Section 1.04.020.


Passed by the City Council the ____ day of ________________________, 2016, and

signed by me in open session in authentication of its passage this

 _____ day of ___________________, 2016.



                                                                                                         President __________of the City Council


                     Approved by me this ____ day of _____________________, 2016.



                                                                                                         Edward B. Murray, Mayor


                     Filed by me this ____ day of __________________________, 2016.



                                                                                                         Monica Martinez Simmons, City Clerk